InRedox develops and provides a range of convenient accessories, common supplies, and detailed user guides for using AAO in templated nanofabrication, transport, micro- and nanofiltration, chemical and biological sensing, life science, energy conversion and many other areas of research and product development.

Replacement Parts and Supplies

Electrochemical Holder  – Front Contact (coming soon)

Holder for electrochemical templated deposition into anodic alumina nanotemplates

Holders for AAO Wafers with Contacts to assist with templated electrochemical deposition of materials inside the pores.

replacement parts for electrochemical holders

Replacement parts for Electrodeposition Holder (O-rings, contact inserts, screws).
COMING SOON: Masking Tape, Electrolyte Solutions, Electrochemical Cells,  Counterelectrodes, etc.

electrodeposition holder for samples with front contact

Electrochemical Holder for experiments for that require contact to the front surface of the sample.  Used for conductive coatings on insulating substrates, i.e., for anodizing Al films on glass or silicon wafers.