AAO Used to Create Surfaces with Multiscale Topology to Study Cell Responses

Yale Researchers Create Multi-Scale Micro/Nano Patterns to Influence Cellular Responses

AAO films used as a Reference Substrate to Develop Spatial ALD in Rotating Drum Reactor

Spatial ALD Coatings for Battery Electrodes Developed with InRedox AAO as a Reference

Perovskite nanowire array prepared by extrusion through InRedox AAO, Nano Lett., 2017, 17 (11), pp 6557–6563

Extrusion of Single Crystal Perovskite Nanowires Through InRedox AAO Membranes Reported by AMOLF, Univ. Oregon, and HKUST Researchers

Indentation impression by cube-corner tip for amorphous AAO

Penn State Group Measured Precise Mechanical Properties of AAO as a Function of Nanoscale Geometry and Crystalline State

AAO Wafer Holder for Electrodeposition

The AAO Wafer Holders for templated electrodeposition are now available for 25 mm sized AAO wafers with contacts.  Using wafers of larger size increases deposition uniformity and provides the ability to test your process for scale-up.

Nanoporous AAO Films on Optical Surfaces

InRedox introduced a new capability – AAO films or nanotemplates integrated onto the surface of optical components, i.e. optical windows, mirrors, prisms, lenses, glass slides and other types of substrates.  This exciting capability provide new sets of opportunities for designing new experiments in photonics, metamaterials, bioimaging etc. To learn more, visit the AAO nanotemplates product […]

Nanoporous substrates for cell culturing

June 14, 2014.   InRedox launched a new product life for life science  –  cell culture substrates from nanoporous Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) ceramic.  InRedox’ cell substrates are designed for use with standard microwell plates in 6, 24, or 96 well formats and can be ordered on-line.  The product  line includes Variety Packs, which offer selection of AAO substrates […]