InRedox is pleased to announce a new addition to its Nanofabrication Toolbox  product line  –  Titania Nanotube arrays (also known as Anodic Titanium Oxide or ATO) as standard low cost material in different form factors. This remarkable nanomaterial  holds significant potential in many applications, from solar energy conversion to cell culturing, and generated significant interest of researchers worldwide.

InRedox’s initial offering includes ATO films on Ti foil, with nanotube length from 100 nm to 20 µm and nanotube diameter from 15 nm to 500 nm.  Additional form factors, such as ATO films on other types of substrates and free-standing ATO wafers will be introduced in the coming months and custom requests are always welcome.  InRedox’s exhibit at Pittcon 2016 in Atlanta the week of March 7-10 will be the first event to feature this addition to our expanding portfolio of nanostructured materials, which enable our customers to scientists to shorten the “discovery to publication” and “innovation to product” cycles.              Read full press release here.

  • 50 nm nanotubes

  • 100 nm nanotubes

    Cross-section of ATO film (nanotube diameter 100 nm, length 2 µm)
  • 150 nm nanotubes

    SEM image of ATO from the barrier layer side.

Representative SEM images of titania nanotubes of different diameter.