Aalto University Researchers Create Novel Luminescent Metal-Nucleobase Thin Films

Research team from Aalto University in Finland led by Academy Professor and Chemistry Department Head Dr. Maarit Karppinen implemented atomic/molecular layer deposition (ALD/MLD) to create novel bio-based hybrid materials. The new materials were thin composite films of nucleobase (DNA and RNA) and metal codeposited on silicon and quartz substrates.  These films exhibited intense photoluminescence properties.

Fabrication of these next generation synergistic materials was facilitated by performing initial process development using InRedox AAO as reference substrates.  The AAO was used to optimize ALD/MLD coating procedures to ensure the conformal coating of the 70 nm metal-nucleobase composite films.  After optimization and characterization with AAO, the identical process steps were used to coat silicon and quartz substrates producing materials with novel luminescent properties.  Such luminescent nanostructures are in high demand for advanced applications in biosensing and OLEDS.

“Luminescent Metal-Nucleobase Network Thin Films by Atomic/Molecular Layer Deposition,” Z. Giedraityte, J. Sainio,D. Hagen,M. Karppinen. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2017 Jul 26