Nanoporous substrates for cell culturing

June 14, 2014.   InRedox launched a new product life for life science  –  cell culture substrates from nanoporous Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) ceramic.  InRedox’ cell substrates are designed for use with standard microwell plates in 6, 24, or 96 well formats and can be ordered on-line.  The product  line includes Variety Packs, which offer selection of AAO substrates with different pore structure.   Such products have not been previously available commercially.  Samples of cell culture substrates are available to academic groups for evaluation;  email your requirements to

The Cell Culture Variety Packs are now available in two formats:  6 pore sizes (20, 40, 80, 260, 250nm), or 3 pore sizes (20, 80, 160 nm).  As researchers may not know which pore size is optimal for specific cell lines,  InRedox has created these offerings to help scientists quickly screen a variety of nanotopographies and select the optimal one for future studies.  Contact us for more information.